Girls Wrestling Low Injury Rate

Wrestling has low injury rates compared to other high school sports. When people do not support joining wrestling, they list injuries as a reason not to participate.

We hear statements such as, “The girls at our school are too dainty. They would get hurt. Traditional sports like cheer, dance, and soccer fit them better.”

The information below shows various studies that found high school wrestling has lower injury rates than other sports.

In their ABC article, Chan & Brownstein (2008) recognized that gymnastics, cheer, softball, and soccer had high injury rates. Wrestling was listed as having hygiene issues but not common injuries. Issues with staph and ringworm can be prevented with personal hygiene and daily mat mopping at wrestling facilities.

Dr. Jim Clover, coordinator at the S.P.O.R.T. Clinic in Riverside, Calif., and author of “Sports Medicine Essentials, stated in the article, “In comparison to other sports, wrestling injuries are not as prevalent. The only major muscle injury that wrestlers need to be wary of is a specific shoulder ailment. According to Clover, because wrestlers are constantly yanking their shoulders, the capsule around the shoulder gets stretched out.”

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Andrews Sports Medicine, famous for working with professional sports and Olympians, found that most wrestling injuries were minor. They prescribed the RICE method of rest, ice, compression, and elevation for the minor ligament and muscle issues they find in wrestling.

They stated issues similar to the ABC News study noticing common infections due to poor mat maintenance leading to skin infections. They recommended frequent gear cleaning, showers, and mat cleaning. Consistent impacts to the ears can also lead to cauliflower ear. This hardening of the cartridge can be prevented by wearing headgear during matches and practices.

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