JC Wrestle Webisodes

“The Squared Circle” Web Show Series

Watch our seven-part Web Show following the 2019 program from the first days of practice, creating the wrestling cheer program, and the first sets of matches.  These are “mini-docs” filmed within the practice and do not feature any scripted material!

The webisode series was unintentionally created during practices. The wrestling program was canceled in 2003 and rebooted by Dr. TJ Zito and Dr. Wendy Zito in 2019. The original videos were meant to show other students about the wrestling program and create interest in joining the team. Each week, new webisodes were released. A following was gained on social media. The kids asked for the series to continue until their first match, and the web series was born!

Webisode 1

Webisode 2

Webisode 3

Webisode 4

Webisode 5

Webisode 6


Webisode 7