#ShagKids Dance Webisodes

Shagkids was a nonprofit/educational documentary following the Carolina Shag Dance Kids of North Myrtle Beach. This docu-series allowed the kids to tell their stories about the dance, legacy, and future of Carolina Shag.   

A free Webisode was released on the website starting on July 24, 2020, for a total of eight weeks during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Dr. TJ and Dr. Wendy Zito produced and privately funded this documentary with their company, WJTZ Media of Birmingham, Al.  Dr. TJ and Dr. Wendy have been involved in the couples’ dance scene together for over 20 years in swing, ballroom, and hustle.

Special thanks to the friends and families of the Carolina Shag Dance Community,  JSA Junior Shag, USA Grand Nationals, Cat5 Band, The Imitations, Ken Knox with Chairmen of the Board, The Fantastic Shakers,  and Artlist.Io

Any and all footage, partial or full, cannot be used without permission, replicated, or monetized.

“The Starter Step” Webisode 1

The kids of North Myrtle Beach tear up the dance floor with Carolina Shag dancing at clubs and music from another generation.

“The Basics” Webisode 2

The kids describe what the dance means to them and how the community impacts their lives. The kids end the webisode with a jam session to show off their moves.

“Shag Church” Webisode 3

The Kids gather at the beach one week out of the summer to attend workshops, competitions, and to have fun social dancing.  They experience friendship and fellowship with the shag dance community.  

Webisode 4 “Walk Up”

 Beach music brings generations together, and new dancers find their way to the floor.  The community welcomes new people and teaches values to everyone on the dance floor. 

Webisode 5 “Keepers”

The North Myrtle Beach Kids find ways to spread the dance by teaching friends.  Helping friends and other young dancers follow the lead of the “Keepers” of the dance helps preserve the traditions.

Webisode 6 “Grand Nationals”

The shag kids from North Myrtle Beach head to Atlanta, Ga, for USA Grand Nationals competition, held every Memorial Day weekend in Atlanta, Ga.  Watch behind-the-scenes action and see the kids out on the floor!

Webisode 7 “Tip Tap Time”

The shag kids from North Myrtle Beach dance in Disneyworld!  Follow their adventures in the Magic Kingdom and learn about Sam and Lisa West with Shag Time 2 dance team.

Webisode 8 “Shag Kids”

The kids from North Myrtle Beach share their goals for passing on the dance, continuing the traditions, and having families that shag one day.  The kids want shag kids of their own one day.


Cat5 Band


“Cat5 Band” A group of professional musicians that have come together with a common purpose to provide the best music possible to audiences worldwide.   Cat5 also specializes in Carolina Beach Music. Thank you for the music contributions to #ShagKids

Jr Shag Association


Thank you to the JSA Board and Members for allowing us to film, visit, and social dance with all the great Carolina Shag families.  Although we have only filmed for the past two years, we would not have been able to work with the kids without the 9 years of relationships visiting Jr SOS with our son every summer.

USA Grand Nationals


USA Grand Nationals is the premier shag and swing competition held every Memorial Day in Atlanta, Georgia.  Thank you for allowing us to film and for over 20 years of dance memories.  Anyone wishing to see these kids in action for competitions should make sure to visit the 2024 Grand Nationals Dance Championships, GNDC.

Ken Knox with Chairmen of the Board


Thank you to Ken Knox and his commitment to beach music with the Chairmen of the Board.  Just as the dance is important, no steps could feel the rhythm without beach music.

The Imitations


Thank you for the tunes that keep us shaggin’!   The Imitations have been partying with the Carolinas for nearly 25 years. Singing and Dancing are the best in BEACH, SOUL and ROCK & ROLL; the Imitations are synonymous with good times…..And great music!

Fantastic Shakers


Thank you, Freddy Tripp and the Shakers, for all of the years playing awesome beach music for everyone to dance! We appreciate your songs and permissions for this project.

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