Social Media Projects

Feel free to browse some of the social media videos and promotional material created by WJTZ Media.

#ShagKids is an 8-webisode series filmed in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia, learning about the kids of Carolina Shag. Released during the COVID-19 Shutdown using footage from 2018-2019 dance season at the beach. Watch the entire series for free #ShagKids Dance Webisodes – Dr. Wendy & Dr. TJ Zito (

John Carroll Catholic Wrestling

Follow John Carroll Catholic Wrestling’s first season in 2019. Seven Webisodes captured the wrestlers as they learned on the mats, working towards their first matches. Watch the entire series for free 2019 JCW Webisodes (

Stewart Holt Birmingham Gutter Repair –

First Alabama Girls State Wrestling Tournament

Cool Throws with Cole Wrestling Tutorial

Jay Clyce Mortgage

Instructional Series Test with Food Network’s Scot Wedgeworth

Matt Moley “The Mat Method” Instructional Wrestling Series

Stronghold Wrestling The Guild of Warriors

EO Trained Catholic Wrestling Club

Warrior Wrestling Club Training

Pass the Torch Warrior Wrestling Club

We Create Champions- Warrior Wrestling Club

Warrior and BWC Combining Forces

Compound Wrestling Camps at Hoover High School

Stronghold is Warrior and BWC Wrestling Combined

Kealy Deason Girls Can Wrestle, Too

Breccia Ciza John Carroll Catholic Wrestling Cheer

Hoover Skulls Youth Wrestling

Stewart Holt Mortgage

Hoover Wrestle Youth

Hoover Wrestle Youth Skull and Crossbones 2023

Hoover Wrestle Youth 2021

BWC Wrestling Triple Threat

John Carroll Catholic Ref’s Tournament Preseason Highlights

John Carroll Catholic Girls Wrestling Alabama First Girls State Tournament

John Carroll Catholic COVID-19 Shutdown Workouts- CavsFitClub

Hoover Skull and Crossbones “I can be a Wrestler”