Doctor Coach TJ

    Social Media Projects

    Feel free to browse some of the social media videos and promotional material created by WJTZ Media. Business Doctors Media produced by WJTZ Media- #ShagKids is an 8-webisode series filmed in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia, learning about the kids of Carolina Shag. Released during the COVID-19 Shutdown using footage from 2018-2019…

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      Published Dissertations: TikTok and Zoom

      Dr. TJ Zito and Dr. Wendy Zito’s dissertation studies are published on Liberty University’s Digital Commons. Scroll down to access both complete studies and for downloads. TIKTOK CYBERBULLY RESPONSES: COMMUNICATING THE NARRATIVE Read Dr. Wendy S. Zito’s groundbreaking Dissertation Ph.D. study on TikTok Cyberbully Responses: Communicating the Narrative. Click the link page to visit Digital…

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